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Can India challenge China for leadership of the ‘Global South’?

China has been pursuing developing nations unhappy with the West for more than ten years. Inspiration came from Beijing’s ascent out of obscurity. And as it challenged the post-World War II order, notably with its worldwide emphasis on infrastructure projects, commerce, loans, and development, it also gave billions of dollars in desperately needed aid to developing countries.

However, China is currently competing with another Asian power in the race to lead what is now known as the “global south.” An increasingly self-assured India is positioning itself as a different type of leader for developing nations, one that is big, significant, and better positioned than China in a world that is becoming more polarized to pressure the West to change its ways.

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How India is Overpowering China?

India convinced the United States and Europe to moderate their stance on the Russian invasion of Ukraine with the support of other developing nations so that the conference could concentrate on the issues that affected less developed nations, such as global debt and climate financing. India oversaw the admittance of the African Union to the G20, putting it on level with the European Union, which was the most concrete outcome of its ongoing push to represent the developing world.

Former Singaporean ambassador and “Has China Won?” author Kishore Mahbubani claimed that “the global order is undergoing a structural shift.” The weight and strength of the global south, or the world beyond the West, are growing as Western power is waning. India is the only nation that can serve as a link between “the West and the rest,” Mr. Mahbubani continued.

India’s argument has obvious appeal at a time when a new Cold War between the United States and China seems to shape every international debate.

China and the United States are not particularly well-liked in emerging countries. The United States receives criticism for emphasising military power over economic aid. Beijing’s refusal to renegotiate the heavy debt that has left many nations at risk of default has sparked a backlash against China’s hallmark outreach project, the Belt and Road development effort.

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