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Japanese man transforms into ‘human dog’ by spending $20K, takes first walk in public.

A Japanese man has changed his appearance to that of a human dog. He was given the name Toco, and the process to change him into a human dog cost two million Yen ($22,000).

The ultra-realistic dog suit for the man was made by the Japanese business Zeppet, which also creates costumes for TV commercials and movies, and it took them 40 days to complete. The business specializes in making 3-D models, body suits, figurines, and other items.

It replicates the impression of a genuine dog walking on four legs and is modeled after a collie dog, according to a business spokeswoman.

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Human Dog for Youtube views?

I Want to Be an Animal is the title of a video the man posted on his YouTube channel. More than 31,000 people subscribe to the channel, and the video has more than 1 million views. Although the video was recorded a year ago, it was only recently uploaded. German TV channel RTL recorded it as part of an interview.

The video opened with the subtitles, “I became a collie, fulfilling a goal I had to be an animal since I was a small child. In the footage, a leash around Toco’s neck can be seen as he is being led on a stroll. The human-dog behaves much like a dog would, sniffing other dogs in the park and rolling around.

Toco spoke with the Daily Mail last year and explained his decision to change into a human dog. The man responded, “I don’t want my hobbies known, especially by the people I work with.”

They find it strange that my desire to become a dog. For the same reason that I’m unable to reveal my true face, he continued. He admitted as much in a separate interview with the Mirror, “I rarely tell my friends because I am frightened they would think I am crazy. “My friends and family seemed very surprised to learn I became an animal,” he admitted.

If this man is doing this for views or really has transformed into a human dog, we will never know, but the story is indeed very interesting.

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