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“Resistance Is in Our Blood”: 5 Ukrainian Designers Reflect on Their New Reality a Year on From the Russian Invasion

As Ukraine marks one year since the Russian invasion, the nation’s creative community, particularly Ukrainian designers, have played a significant role in reflecting the resilience and strength of their people. Amidst adversity, these designers have harnessed their craft to depict the new reality, showcasing Ukraine’s unwavering spirit of resistance. In this article, we delve into the reflections of five talented Ukrainian designers who have channeled their emotions into art, affirming that “resistance is in our blood.”

Symbolism Through Art

For many Ukrainian designers, art has become a potent tool to symbolize the resilience of their nation. Depicting the trident, Ukraine’s national emblem, intertwined with elements of hope and unity, these artists have conveyed a powerful message of defiance and solidarity.

Colors of Resilience

Through vibrant hues and powerful visuals, Ukrainian designers have breathed life into their artwork, portraying the essence of resistance. Bold reds symbolize the determination of the Ukrainian people, while deep blues signify the unyielding spirit that pervades the nation.

Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

The invasion has prompted a profound reflection on Ukraine’s cultural identity, and designers have embraced the challenge of blending traditional motifs with modern aesthetics. This fusion not only celebrates their heritage but also showcases the adaptability of their people in the face of turmoil.

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Human Stories in Design

Ukrainian designers have not shied away from illustrating the human impact of the invasion. Their creations narrate stories of hope, loss, and unity, giving a voice to the collective emotions of the nation and fostering empathy worldwide.

Empowering Communities

In the aftermath of the invasion, designers have collaborated with local communities to empower them economically and emotionally. By incorporating traditional craftsmanship into contemporary designs, they provide livelihood opportunities while reinforcing a sense of identity and pride.


The Russian invasion has cast a long shadow on Ukraine’s history, leaving scars that may never fully heal. However, the creativity and resilience of Ukrainian designers have demonstrated that amidst darkness, hope can flourish. Their powerful art has become a testament to the strength of the Ukrainian people, reinforcing the belief that “resistance is in our blood.” As the world continues to stand in solidarity with Ukraine, these designers remind us that creativity can be a force for healing and a symbol of unyielding hope in the face of adversity.

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