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Alberta Ferretti showcased her Resort 2024 collection in Rimini

With Alberta Ferretti’s Resort 2024 collection, fashion and cinema came together in Rimini. The designer took to the runway near the Sismondo castle, home of the Fellini Museum, to present a collection that paid tribute to the director of “La Dolce Vita” and “Amarcord” and the city of Rimini, her birthplace.

Alberta Ferretti presented a new iteration of her utopian and fiery aesthetic, blending both tangible and ethereal elements continuing her commitment to empowering women. The collection showcased dreamlike garments that serve as cherished artifacts of expression, akin to the frames of a captivating movie inspired by the intricate psychology of women.

“While I travel a lot, while I am a curious woman, I always like to come back home. It is a place I consider ‘my island’, filled with vibrancy, welcoming individuals, and a true sense of camaraderie. There is also beautiful nature, there is the sea, there are the hills. I often take the car, go for a ride, go to the hills, and fill my mind with beautiful things. Nature is a stimulus,” said the designer from Romagna to Ansa during the event.

The city of Rimini also inspired Alberta Ferretti in her choice of colors, ranging from the serene beige of sandy shores to the earthy browns reminiscent of castle stones. She also drew inspiration from the verdant greens, serene blues of the sky and meadows, and the fiery red hues of captivating sunsets that paint the city.

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Alberta Ferretti Designs

The Alberta Ferretti woman wears longline vests, flowing trousers, ethereal trench coats, and zippered blouses. She also sports suede skirts, lightweight blouses, and elegant coats. In the evening, she transforms into a femme fatale, draping herself in long, shimmering capes.

The juxtaposition of refinement and strength runs throughout the Resort collection. The ensembles embraced weightless fabrics such as chiffon, washed silks, reverse satin,  and iridescent taffeta. Metallic printed denim and sumptuous suede added a touch of resilience to the collection, while whimsical embroideries elevated the garments further.

A heartwarming finale unfolded as 32 local volunteers, tirelessly aiding those affected by the recent floods, graced the runway. Clad in Alberta Ferretti’s “Io ci sono” (I am here) sweater, the proceeds from these pieces will be donated to charitable organizations supporting the emergency relief efforts in Emilia Romagna.

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