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Befitting finale of DTFW 2023

Delhi Times Fashion Week 2023 (DTFW 2023), saw a befitting finale to the fashion showcase. The fashion week put design excellence and glamour at the forefront and enthralled fashion lovers from all walks of life on Day 3.

DTFW 2023

The unique collaboration of Diadem x NSAM Academy showcased the fusion of design excellence and creative learning, nurturing aspiring designers and training them with the skills to thrive in the fashion industry.

They presented a showcase where artistry met education. NSAM Academy’s commitment to fostering talent and promoting design education merged seamlessly with Diadem’s expertise in craftsmanship and innovation. It was evident from their showcase that they are empowering the next generation of fashion visionaries, weaving a tapestry of creativity, knowledge, and passion.

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VIP’s Couture by Vipin Aggarwal x UMB Elegant Monarch created a collaboration that embodied the essence of royalty and exquisite fashion. This regal partnership showcased the seamless merger of luxury and elegance, crafting ensembles fit for kings and queens.

Cantabil, a leading fashion brand in India that seamlessly combines co-occurring style with timeless appeal offered a diverse range of attire for men, women, and children at the showcase. Each piece from the collection reflected the perfect blend of modern trends and classic elegance, empowering people to elevate their style and clasp fashion with confidence.

Zarana, an Indian designer brand by Sana Khan, redefined dignity with each piece being a testament to Sana Khan’s impeccable definition of style and attention to detail, showcasing her passion for begetting captivating configurations that empower women to embrace their individuality.

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