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Best Fashion Bloggers you should follow this year

Post covid, blogging has become a whole new ball game. Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, etc. have made our lives twice as easy and that is the very reason we are not complaining about it for being the largest forum to redirect traffic toward fashion blogs. Fashion Bloggers are making their place in the market at a very faster rate and providing great tips to the youth out there.

Here are some of the best fashion bloggers you should know in 2023.

Gabi Greg — OG Fat Girl

Gabi Greg is known for infuriating gaps for plus-sized women. It has been a decade since she in bringing out the positivity in women and made them look impeccably vibrant with her fashion tips. She collaborated with ‘Playful Promises ‘ and ‘Swimsuits’ and brought out what she calls ‘the fatkini’. 

Blog: gabifresh.com

Lisa Gachet — Make My Lemonade

Lisa is a Parisian fashion blogger who started blogging a couple of years ago. She is known to be the DIY queen and truly believes in Do It Yourself Fashion. She is the master in the concept of making edition clothing that reflects your personality at a very affordable rate.

Blog: www.wearlemonade.com

Wendy Nguyen — Wendyslookbook

She inspires you in more than one way. Being a fashion blogger, she carries a passion for people, art, culture, and music and it is music that combines all of it together. Other than a blogger, Wendy is a content creator, and a justice advocate who raises her voice for foster children because she has also gone through the same phase. She is a graduate of Psychology from UCLA, Berkeley, and also an indeed inspiration for the girls out there.

Blog: www.wendyslookbook.com

Kat Farmer — Does My Bum Look 40

Kat Farmer is a fashion blogger and an inspiration at the age of 43. She is also a wardrobe consultant, a personal stylist, and full of life. Leaving behind her age, she is trying to tackle her 40s without being frumpy. 

Blog: doesmybumlook40.blogspot.in



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