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Best Hair Care Routine to avoid frizziness in Summer

It’s time to prep your hair for the weather that has come! Summer can be as damaging to your hair as winter. A perfect hair care routine for summer will prevent your hair damage. 

Here is the best hair care routine to get rid of frizzy hair in summer.


The tangles in the hair are the result of the wind that your hair comes across. And, they cannot and should not be fixed when you’re in the shower. Make sure you detangle your locks before you head under the water. This will help you to prevent breakage, as water tends to make hair weak. This is the most important hair care tip if you live in a windy area.


You should always opt for a hydrating shampoo, especially in summer. The hot weather means that your hair can get dry. And dry hair brings on a whole lot of issues. Opt for milder formulas as they’ll hydrate your hair while keeping your natural oils intact. The shampoo rich in onion seed, moringa oil, and shikakai is the best alternative in summer.


hair care

Next, use a hydrating conditioner to nourish the length of your hair. You should leave it on your hair for about two minutes so that your locks can absorb all the moisture before you wash it off. A good conditioner seals the moisture into your hair shafts, leaving it free from frizz and split ends. If you still find some tangles on the way, use your fingers and gently detangle them. Alternatively, you can use a wide-toothed comb.

Hair Mask

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Once a week, make sure you slather on a good amount of hair mask on your hair. This will condition your roots deeply and make the lengths of your hair smooth and soft. A deep-conditioning hair mask is the perfect summer hair care routine to nourish your locks.

Hair Serum

Hair serum is the best way to protect your hair from heat and keep the split ends and frizz at bay. During the summer, hair serum also creates a barrier and keeps your hair protected from harsh UV rays and heat. This is another important step in the summer hair care routine for you to treat your hair braid with more care.

Hair Oil

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Is your hair feeling really dry and dehydrated? Refill all that moisture with a good hair oil massage. The massage stimulates blood circulation to the scalp and allows for all the nutrients to reach your roots. This will make way for healthy hair growth. Hair oils also coat your hair shafts and provide a protective layer from external damage.

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