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Myth buster: Why is diamond considered to be unlucky for some people?

Some believe that diamonds are unlucky for them. They are largely rooted in superstition and cultural beliefs. 

Here are a few reasons why diamonds may be considered unfortunate by certain individuals

Diamonds may have historical or cultural associations with negative events or beliefs in some cultures. For instance, there may be myths or legends in certain societies that attribute mishaps or condemnations to diamonds. These stories can be passed down through generations, contributing to the belief that diamonds bring bad luck.

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The association of diamonds with dissension and wicked practices may also contribute to the belief of diamonds are unfortunate for some people. The industry has been coalesced to conflicts and human rights abuses in certain regions, leading to the term “blood diamonds” or “conflict diamonds.” This negative association can influence the perception of diamonds as bringing bad karma or misfortune.

People may have personal experiences or stories of unfortunate occurrences related to them. These experiences can create a subjective belief that diamonds are unlucky for them personally. Such beliefs are often coaxed by confirmation bias, where people focus on instances that aid their beliefs while ignoring contradictory proof.

It’s important to note that these beliefs are subjective and vary across different cultures and individuals. They are highly esteemed gemstones globally and are traditionally associated with luxury, beauty, and positive symbolism like love and obligation. Ultimately, the perception of diamonds as lucky or unlucky is a matter of personal belief and artistic interpretation.

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