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Hi-tech fashion: AI creates models, designs, shows

AI creates models and designs which are going to be the next big thing and globally things have started moving in this direction. Levi’s a denim company recently announced its partnership with an AI studio to create AI-generated fashion models which will supplement human models.

Gunriddh Sial, a Lucknow-based fashion designer who has been following the AI boom closely, generated designs, models, and backdrops using the technology, and the response she is getting is phenomenal.

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Sial says, “I run a sustainable brand, have completed my double master’s, and have been keenly following AI for the past two years. My husband, a Singapore-based scientist too motivated me to follow this aspect. So, I created AI-generated models, designs, and backdrops with minute details. I just had to spend a little on software and saved the total cost of models, make-up, photographers, location, and other things. It can also print designs on clothes and then the karigar (artisan) can take over. It’s a huge cost-saving, eco-friendly, sustainable, inclusive, and then going forward is the future. I have already started getting orders….”

She also created chikankari and zardozi designs. “The software is new for Indian handicrafts, but I am sure it will change with time. For my mother’s fashion brand which deals with intricate handwork and designs, we are still going the traditional way. So, for now, it seems both will co-exist but with technological advancement, I feel this too will be taken over by AI.”

However, Delhi-based fashion designer Manish Tripathi feels the human touch and feel is what the fashion is all about. “Like we love the smell and taste of food, same goes with fashion as well. See, we have power looms but handlooms have their own charm, machine work can’t beat hand embroidery similarly the AI models’ design can’t take away the charm of models and authentic work. But eventually technology (AI) will prevail and will surely impact the industry.”

An AI fashion week debuted in NYC recently at Soho’s Spring Studios with participants submitting a collection of 15-30 digitally created looks. Some 24 screens displayed “runway” images created with various imaging software. Likewise, the Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai was one of the first to host an AI-controlled multi-sensory couture experience.

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