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Jewellery designer shares why vintage and tribal jewellery will be a hit this wedding season

The Bollywood fashionista’s traditional snap on Instagram is mostly seen stacked in chunky pieces of silver jewellery. Be it a sari or lehenga, these captivating pieces go well with any look. Silver is not going to relinquish its shine anytime soon. These days, jewelry designers are reinventing their styles and creating pieces that can be reused in multiple ways.

Abhilasha Bhandari, the owner of her own jewellery label Abhilasha Pret Jewelry is among the few names who have been creating vintage and tribal jewelry pieces and has become every Bollywood fashionista’s favorite. She found opportunity alongside potential in silver jewelry and mostly does up-cycled vintage and tribal pieces. Her brand is an example of intricate workmanship and craftsmanship from Jaipur, thus uplifting the different crafts of Jaipur. Here are some questions asked of her in an interview.

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Conversation with jewellery designer, Abhilasha Bhandari

Q. What are the trending jewelry pieces this season?

In this age of minimalism, trendy jewellery pieces will be more with gemstones. People are going for layering up necklaces and ear cuffs. Instead of going to repetitive designs, people would like to buy something which is unique.

Q. What according to you is one statement jewellery piece for brides that they should definitely go for?

According to her, a piece that every bride should invest in should be a nice pair of jumki or a Chandbali. Both can be worn with necklaces to make the attire heavier and also separately. It gives that touch of extra feminity to the entire look. Also, because of the versatility of these pieces, they can be worn multiple times with different permutation combinations of other jewelry pieces.

Q. Among the vintage jewelry pieces, which design attracts you the most?

For me, the attraction lies in the intricate craftsmanship of the piece. She said that her go-to piece with vintage jewelry would be a cuff. It can be worn with both traditional as well as modern attires giving a bold & statement vibe to the entire look.

Q. Would you suggest minimalism or maximalism for brides this season?

She answered maximalism would be her choice this season for sure. As wedding is not a yearly affair, it is mostly once and one should go all out to their heart’s content. The bride should also try to create a look that retains its memory in not only her mind but also in the mind of the people attending her D-day.

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