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Nike just introduced its INR 14,750 recyclable sneakers and the internet thinks they are UGLY!

The Nike ‘ISPA Mindbody’ trainers, which have a deliberate broken-in look, have just been released. These trainers have a completely ragged and worn-out appearance, a contrast from the brand’s elegant design.

These trainers, which cost a hefty USD 180 (about INR 14,750), were introduced earlier this year in neon green and mud colour options. According to the official website, they are made to be readily disassembled and are held together with a single cording method rather than glue. Moreover, the sneakers can be recycled when returned to a Nike boutique when you are done using them. “There’s no need to disassemble or discard them. Simply drop ’em off at a participating Nike store and they’ll be given a new life through donation or recycling.”

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Flyknit top creates a haven you won’t want to leave, while its inviting and pillowy foam midsole is an oasis of pleasure. Designing with product end of life in mind is a fundamental component of this approach, which led to the creation of shoes that are simple to disassemble and are inspired by Nike’s circular design philosophy. No adhesive is required; a single cording system ties it all together, claims Nike.

With a focus on using fewer resources, these trainers are built using interlocking parts. According to the website, the seamless, flexible, and supportive FlyKnit upper is constructed from recycled yarn, creating a remarkably light feel.

Despite Nike’s creative strategy, netizens have criticised the worn-out appearance and exorbitant pricing of these sneakers, taking to social media to voice their displeasure.

“I don’t want it even for free,” with another echoing similar sentiments: “I wouldn’t wear those even if they gave me a pair,” tweeted a user on social media.“They probably cost a dollar to make,” another user tweeted.

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