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Princess Diana’s black sheep sweater is up for sale and here’s why it’s priceless!  

Princess Diana, the late Princess of Wales, was known for her impeccable fashion sense and cogent style favorites. Among those iconic fashion moments, one was her black sheep sweater, which she wore in 1981. The black sheep sweater became synonymous with her unique and independent spirit. And now, it’s part of a fashion sale at Sotheby’s.

Created by Warm & Wonderful, a British brand, the sweater featured a black sheep motif against a white background. It quickly became a fad after Princess Diana was snapped wearing it in June 1981, as she attended one of Prince Charles’ polo matches. The design flawlessly encapsulated her proficiency to embrace bizarre fashion and break away from traditional royal attire.

Princess Diana’s choice to wear the black sheep sweater was seen as a statement of her individuality within the royal family. She often used fashion as a means of expressing herself and connecting with the public on a more personal level.

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Diana sent her much-loved sweater back to the label alongside a request for repair after damaging it. Instead, an entirely new sweater was knitted and returned to her.

The designers Warm & Wonderful designers Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne said, “This past March, as we were rummaging through the attic searching for an old pattern, we spotted a small box”. ”Inside, tucked away beside a cotton bedspread was Diana’s original red sheep sweater from 1981.”

The black sheep sweater remains an iconic symbol of Princess Diana’s fashion legacy. Today, it is still highly sought after by fashion fanatics and collectors. The sweater’s popularity has also inspired numerous replicas and similar designs in the fashion industry

A piece of royal fashion chronology, the sweater will star in Sotheby’s inaugural Fashion Icons sale in New York, with bidding open from 31 August – 14 September 2023.

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