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Sarojini Nagar to top designers, how Bhawna Sharma built Made In Heaven 2 wardrobe

Unveiling the Style Haven of Sarojini Nagar

Nestled within the vibrant streets of New Delhi, Sarojini Nagar has emerged as a treasure trove for fashion enthusiasts and top designers alike. Known for its eclectic mix of budget-friendly shopping and unique finds, this bustling market has played an integral role in shaping the wardrobe of characters in iconic shows like Made In Heaven.

The Creative Genius

Bhawna Sharma’s Styling Journey At the helm of the sartorial success of “the” wardrobe is the brilliant stylist Bhawna Sharma. With an innate flair for curating ensembles that blend seamlessly with the narrative, Sharma’s expertise brought an added layer of authenticity and depth to the characters.

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Crafting the Made In Heaven 2 Aesthetic

Sharma’s journey was a pilgrimage of creativity and vision. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant chaos of the market, she meticulously handpicked pieces that told a story of each character’s evolution. From Tara’s power dressing to Karan’s suave suits, every outfit bore a distinct mark of Sarojini Nagar’s essence.

Navigating the Sarojini Hunt

Strategy and Selection Sharma’s prowess lay in her ability to unearth hidden gems amidst the bustling alleys. Armed with an acute eye for detail and an innate understanding of her characters, she scoured through the racks, juxtaposing colors, fabrics, and textures to encapsulate the spirit of the presentation.


The market with its myriad stalls and hidden treasures, has proven to be the wellspring of creativity behind Bhawna Sharma’s awe-inspiring Made In Heaven 2 wardrobe. As top designers continue to seek inspiration from this fashion haven, the legacy of Sarojini Nagar’s unique charm in the world of styling remains unwavering. Just as Bhawna Sharma delicately wove each character’s journey into their attire, Sarojini Nagar weaves its own narrative through its bustling streets and vibrant offerings.

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