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How Succession Started the Trend of quite luxury

The most anticipated show on HBO, the final season of Succession upheld its audience perplexed and nerve-wracking with its climax. Succession is not the most stylish show on OTT platforms, but it left giving its audience real fineness pursuits.

A simple rule in fashion is that when you wish to bring out something, you uphold one detail highlighted and the rest subtle to play around as props. The same goes for the usual styling of an outfit for that one percent upper class. The only difference is that the main element to highlight is the person.

Creating looks based on the characters in the show and the elements they carry will help you understand Quiet Fashion and how to take this up without being a Billionaire.

Here are some Quite Luxury fashions from Succession.


Kerry’s style is fairly basic. She wears multi-patterned checkered midi dresses. Her on-duty outfits are paired with simple black pointed-toe pumps, sleek sunglasses, and a black crossbody to match her black briefcase, of course. Check prints are vintage, subtle, and hold strength in the look. 

Sophisticated leather

Kendall Roy’s ex-girlfriend Naomi is all that vintage Chanel could be in the show; when she gets on screen, she is expected in an ‘It Girl outfit. In season three, she wears this covetable leather-trimmed Proenza Schouler strapless top with leather pants. 

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Classic corporate

Wearing a sort of business dress and suit will keep the energy one requires to glide politely. Just like Gerri comes across as a key player at Waystar-Royco, and she knows how to boss the lady in her. Her understated style speaks to the male-dominated environment she’s constantly surrounded by. She finds her way to accessories with a good classic bag or solid piece of jewelry.

Everyday florals

Willa, Justine Lupe’s character, is one of the few series regulars that weren’t born into wealth, or at least Roy’s level of wealth. Her style slightly differs from those around her. She can usually be spotted in sunnies and flowy pieces from French brands, such as Sandro mini dress, which has been sold out on the website, with espadrille wedges.

Relaxed luxury

None other than the solid alfa sister Shiv who sports this slightly more casual look in the final season. Her outfits are nothing more than Banana Republic or H&M worthy. The off-grey and white suits that she wears nailing the negotiations against her father is the epitome of quiet Fashion.

Polished earth hues

The trio sibling of Succession dresses in casuals or blazers and trousers at any time, and they will be the most likely to look like the richest kids of any royals you can guess. Shiv, Kendall, and Roman take their style from Logan Roy, the main man of Succession, to only centralize their charisma. Shiv is seen in biscuit colored blazer, Roman in earthy tones, and Kendall mostly in a subtle casual wearing a cap and tracksuit jacket with denim. 

Plopping out excessive logos, obvious name brands, or trending shoes and styles that everyone else is wearing. Instead, Quiet Fashion leans into classic, tailored silhouettes, typically in neutral shades like black, white, beige, grey, and navy. Leaning more on the periphery yet embodying a stealth-wealth mindset or opting for custom-made looks will be the go-to mindset.

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