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Uorfi Javed: From being a laughing stock to the fashion industry’s darling

Uorfi Javed was first seen in Bigg Boss OTT and that was the time when no one knew that this girl from the City of Nawabs, Lucknow will become the most famous internet personality in a short span of time. It all started when Uorfi Javed stepped out wearing the most anomalous outfits and a bunch of paparazzi sharing her videos on their Instagram handles. Even though her outfits were questionable, the model didn’t give up on them. And today, she has learned to steal the spotlight with all the paraphernalia used in creating her dresses. 

The lady is a designer herself. She is capable of making a top from bubble gum or a dress from a trash bag. 

“Whatever I do, I do for myself because all of us want to look and feel good. And if people get provoked by a dress, then there is a problem there… they need help,” Uorfi had claimed in an interview according to the sources.

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Uorfi has made a living out of her quirky dressing sense and today, she earns more than a lot of other TV stars or influencers. From being a DIY queen to everything in between, Uorfi has come a long way. She has made the saying – fake it till you make it, absolutely true for herself.

The designer Amit Aggarwal invited Uorfi Javed to the launch of his store in New Delhi. “I often look at Uorfi’s journey as a one of transformation, that metamorphoses every day into something new. It’s clear as day that she thoroughly enjoys the process of putting together looks and has fun with clothing. She isn’t afraid to express herself through fashion and isn’t that what fashion is eventually all about? It’s hard to not take notice of someone who has so much fun in the process of being unapologetically themselves and uses fashion as an art form and I think it was only a matter of time before she got her due love from everyone,” says Aggarwal. He also believes that Uorfi is unapologetically herself in the way she dresses up.

The designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil and Gaurav Gupta have also invited her for their respective store launches in Mumbai. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla were the first ones to dress up Uorfi in their creation when the other designers were still not sure of sourcing out their designs to Uorfi Javed. She even played their muse for one of their campaigns. “We used her for a movie. People said ‘She’s got nothing’ but she is daring, where are girls like this? And a mind of her own and a bright mind. She knows exactly what she’s doing unlike, I would say, most of the actors who don’t know what’s happening around them,” cited the designer duo.

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