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When Johnny Depp took a 20 million sweet revenge from ex-wife Amber Heard who called him “an old fat man with no style”

The ugly legal trial between the former couple and Hollywood stars Amber Heard and Johnny Depp might be long over, but the duo keeps making news. After settling in Madrid, Spain the actress was recently spotted in the US for the grand premiere of her comeback film, ‘In the Fire’ and it was enough for Depp fans to start social media threads on all that happened between the divorced duo. While fans have discussed many aspects, one thing that keeps coming back is how luxury giant Dior stood by Depp in this difficult period.

Johnny Depp’s sister Christi Dembrowski made a shocking revelation against Heard, during the USD 50 million defamation trial.

She admitted in her testimony before the court that Amber Heard had once referred to her brother as “an old fat man” after learning that Dior wanted to collaborate with him.

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Amber once questioned the collaboration and claimed, “Dior, why would Dior want to do business with you? They’re about class and style, and you don’t have style,” stated by the New York Post.

Johnny Depp’s collaboration

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor originally collaborated with the French company in 2015 to promote Sauvage, a perfume by Dior. The collaboration was bound to succeed. But the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor receiving criticism at the time was from his then-wife, Amber Heard.

That, though, was the least of Dior’s concerns. The international corporation has supported their man through good times and bad because they believe in him. Fans of the Tourist star have praised the French luxury company for standing by their commitment. For Depp admirers, the news of Dior’s extended deal, especially because it was for a record-breaking sum surpassing that of stars like Robert Pattinson and Brad Pitt, will mean a lot.

Everyone sought to separate themselves from Depp after Heard’s accusations, including the companies he had worked for and the properties his name was associated with. But Dior was by his side at all times. And it is still.

Dior extended a lucrative USD 20 million+ deal to its long-term partner. The deal, which is the largest in the history of men’s fragrances, has entered the annals of history, and many call it Depp’s sweet revenge!

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