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5 biggest (and preventable) risk factors of heart disease.

The most frequent and potentially fatal cause of heart attacks is coronary heart disease. Fortunately or sadly, you have control over the main risk factors for heart disease. You may avoid getting any form of heart disease or running the risk of having a heart attack by being aware of these risk factors and living a lifestyle that keeps them at bay.

Here are the top five heart disease risk factors:

  • High Blood Pressure

A significant risk factor for heart disease is high blood pressure. When the blood pressure in your arteries and other blood vessels is too high, it occurs. Your kidneys, brain, heart, and other important organs may all be negatively impacted by this high blood pressure. You can control your blood pressure by leading a healthy lifestyle change or, if your doctor prescribes it, by taking medication.

  • A poor diet:

A poor diet full of salt, fat, and sugar can raise your body’s cholesterol levels. Your artery walls, particularly those in your heart, might accumulate extra cholesterol. This can cause your arteries to stiffen and narrow, lessen the blood supply to your heart, and raise your chance of having a heart attack.

  • Drinking Alcohol frequently:

Health professionals advise against consuming more than three drinks of alcohol at once since it may temporarily increase blood pressure. A long-term rise in blood pressure can result from binge drinking. Over time, this high blood pressure may strain your heart muscle, increasing your risk of heart disease, a heart attack, and a stroke.

  • Not being active enough:

Even if you don’t have any other risk factors for heart disease, a sedentary lifestyle marked by a lack of physical exercise can increase your risk of developing the condition. Inactivity increases your risk of developing additional heart disease risk factors like obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.

  • Smoking

Smoking is extremely detrimental to heart health. The US CDC claims that the chemicals in cigarette smoke induce blood clots and thickening inside veins and arteries. By accelerating the buildup of plaque in your blood arteries, it raises your risk of getting heart ailments. Your chance of having a heart attack rises as a result of the decreased blood flow to your heart.

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As you can see, these 5 things affect our heart in several ways. By simply managing the above mentioned things well, we can greatly avoid our chances of having heart diseases.

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