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ADHD: Private clinics exposed by BBC undercover investigation.

. A recent undercover investigation by BBC reveals the private clinics which wrongfully diagnose patients with ADHD.

Because of the effectiveness of therapies and more awareness of the disorder, there has been a significant rise in the number of people getting an ADHD diagnosis in recent years. According to support groups, it has long gone undiagnosed. A recent undercover investigation by BBC reveals the private clinics which wrongfully diagnose patients with ADHD.

Social media is used extensively to discuss ADHD, with TikTok alone receiving more than 20 billion clicks.

Many customers are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to be evaluated at private clinics because it can take more than five years in some places to obtain an NHS assessment. In an effort to reduce waiting lists, the NHS is also footing the price for thousands of these private evaluations. It depends on whether or not someone’s condition has a “substantial” and “long-term” detrimental influence on their ability to carry out typical day-to-day tasks for them to be classified disabled if they have the same.

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How BBC did their investigation on ADHD and clinics

An undercover journalist was examined by three private clinics using video chats. He didn’t have the ailment, though, according to a more thorough in-person NHS evaluation. The clinics assert that they carry out complete evaluations and adhere to national standards. After receiving information regarding rushed and poor examinations at various private clinics, including Harley Psychiatrists, Direct, and ADHD 360, Panorama spoke to many of patients and whistle-blowers.

The Investigation revealed that:

  • Clinics only sometimes conducted patient examinations of their mental health.
  • Strong medications were prescribed for long-term usage without adequate assessment of the patients’ medical histories or warnings about potential serious adverse effects.
  • Patients who left unfavourable reviews were warned about legal consequences.

The NHS is paying for thousands of people to receive evaluations at private clinics. Things that many individuals do, such fidgeting, being distracted, and acting impulsively, can be some of the signs of ADHD. NICE recommendations state that someone should only be given an ADHD diagnosis if such symptoms have a significant negative impact on their lives.

It is sad to see that private clinics have made a business out of People’s Health. More so, these clinics are providing strong prescriptions of meds without adequate information on the patient’s mental health.

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