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AIIMS Delhi performs groundbreaking surgery on three-month-old baby, sets global record.

By executing Bilateral Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty on a three-month-old infant, the Department of Paediatric Surgery at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences AIIMS Delhi, set a new record for the youngest patient to have undergone this procedure.

The infant had a congenital disorder that obstructs the urinary tract and reduces urine flow from the kidneys to the bladder, to put it simply. The youngster underwent a challenging, uncommon laparoscopic procedure from the specialists.

The child was discharged from the hospital in just three days following the successful surgery, which not only demonstrates AIIMS Delhi dedication to providing cutting-edge paediatric surgical treatment.

The infant needed surgery because both of his kidneys were obstructed. The department has progressively used laparoscopic procedures to treat such diseases under the direction and leadership of Prof. M. Bajpai, Head of the Department of Paediatric Surgery and Dean at AIIMS. Prof. Bajpai is a well-known paediatric surgeon.

Traditionally, these operations were carried out in order, necessitating separate operations for each kidney that was afflicted. The surgical team, directed by Dr. Vishesh Jain, decided to perform a laparoscopic procedure on both kidneys to reduce invasiveness and maximise advantages.

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AIIMS Delhi doctors planned very carefully:

To get the best outcomes, careful planning was done before the procedure by AIIMS Delhi doctors. The cosmesis was improved by inserting a tiny camera in the belly button, and additional incisions were strategically placed to allow for surgery on both sides without using the same incisions.

The surgical team carefully rebuilt the blocked ureteropelvic junction throughout the course of the two-hour procedure using microscopic sutures and delicate equipment.

The three-month-old patient’s delicate anatomy required careful navigation, which was made possible by the use of enlarged video-assisted technology.

It took careful consideration of anaesthetic to complete this complex treatment on such a small child successfully. To ensure the child’s security and comfort throughout the procedure, the skilled anesthesiologists at AIIMS created a special strategy.

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