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Covid Wave or Not, do these things to improve your body’s immunity.

Even though experts believe there will be no Covid Wave in India, it is still important to prepare our bodies.

As we all know by now, there is a slight chance of another Covid Wave in the near future. Even though experts indicate that the chances of so are very less in India, we still must prepare. There is nothing wrong in maintaining a healthy lifestyle which can even help us further in case a wave is to come.

As we have seen over the past two years, Covid proves to be more harmful with people who have weak immunity. Immunity is nothing but your body’s capability to fight with anything that can harm your body. Examples can be cold, viral, fever and even Covid. Our immunities play a big role in keeping us healthy.

What affects our immunities?

The main reason that most of the people don’t have strong immunity is bad diet. Food is body’s fuel, if we don’t maintain a healthy nutrient healthy diet then our body will automatically become weak. It is important to have good clean food to boost our immunity. Another reason why many people get often sick is because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, eating junk food are a few examples of things which make a person’s immunity weak.

Here’s a few things you should do to make your body immune:

  • Improve your diet

Your general health and immunity are significantly influenced by the food you eat. Consume low-carbohydrate foods to lower your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. A low-carb diet will reduce the progression of diabetes, and you should concentrate on eating a protein-rich diet to stay in shape. Additionally, routinely eat produce that is high in vital vitamins.

  • Follow an exercise routine

Exercise should be done after a healthy diet. Remind yourself to exercise frequently; even short bursts of activity can help your body release toxins. Depending on your stamina, it is advised to exercise for 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Get complete sleep

The greatest strategy to help your body build immunity is to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep; less sleep will make you weary and affect how well your brain functions. Lack of sleep prevents the body from sleeping, which affects other biological processes and directly affects your immunity.

  • Take health supplements

It is difficult to get all the required nutrition from just a simple diet. Thus, it is important to take vitamins to help your body further.

Covid wave or no wave, it is still important that you follow these things for a healthier body. These are just some small changes which can help you in a longer run.



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