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Pfizer’s hemophilia therapy reduces bleeding in late-stage study

Pfizer Inc., a pharmaceutical company, reported on Tuesday that late-stage study results for its experimental hemophilia medication demonstrated superiority to the current standard of care treatment in reducing patient bleeding rates.

With a 92% reduction in bleeding in patients with severe hemophilia A and moderately severe to severe hemophilia B, the treatment marstacimab demonstrated superiority to factor replacement regimens, according to Pfizer.

According to government statistics, hemophilia mostly affects men and impairs the body’s capacity to produce blood-clotting proteins, which results in prolonged bleeding after injuries or surgery.

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What is Hemophilia and how will Pfizer’s medication help?

According to estimates, hemophilia A affects 12 out of every 100,000 males in the United States, while hemophilia B affects 3.7 out of every 100,000 males. The missing proteins must be infused on a regular basis according to the current standard of care.Anti-tissue factor pathway inhibitor marstacimab, sold by Pfizer once per week, may aid in the onset of blood clotting.

Hemgenix, a gene therapy developed by Australian pharmaceutical company CSL Ltd, provides individuals with haemophilia B with a long-term cure, but it is also one of the most expensive medical procedures available.

At least two other medicines to treat hemophilia are being developed by Pfizer. The pharmaceutical achieved its primary objective in a late-stage research for a hemophilia B gene treatment in December of last year.

Only patients without antibodies that prevent the synthesis of the blood-clotting proteins known as factor VIII or factor IX were evaluated in the current marstacimab trial. With results anticipated in late 2024, Pfizer is also evaluating marstacimab in individuals who have these inhibitors.

Pfizer has always been the company which brings breakthrough inventions in the medical industry. Hopefully the new medication can help people with hemophilia and is easy accessible to all in need of it.

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