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Make Adequate Arrangements to Tackle Diseases caused by heatwave: UP Govt to Health Department.

The UP Govt has instructed its health department personnel to set up efficient plans for the treatment of illnesses brought on by the present heat wave.

These directives were given by deputy chief minister Brajesh Pathak on Sunday during a meeting with all chief medical officers and chief medical superintendents of the state’s districts.

During the discussion, Pathak stated that government hospitals have functioning emergency services, as well as pathology and radiology tests that are available 24/7. In these hospitals, patients receive free medication. Doctors will prescribe prescriptions that are on-site at the hospital in an effort to save patients from having to go searching for pharmaceuticals. A sufficient supply of necessary medications, such as oral rehydration solution (ORS) packets, glucose, fever, and antibiotics, must be kept on hand by hospital staff.

Pathak stated, “I am personally overseeing the plans for the treatment of diseases brought on by the heatwave and other summer-related disorders.

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UP Govt to focus on every aspect:

He also gave orders for morning and evening rounds to be made in the wards by CMS and directors. They should guarantee that fans, coolers, air conditioners, and water coolers with cold water operate on a daily basis and provide information on patients with heat-related illnesses.

Any issues should be fixed right away, and backup electricity preparations should be made. Negligence will never be accepted, and the monies provided to the Patient Welfare Committee may be used for these objectives.

The summers of Northern India are notorious for being extremely harsh and this time it’s no different. We do receive occasional rainfalls every now and then but still the weather is not bearable. Thus, such government initiatives like those of UP Govt are very important for the welfare of the public, especially for the weaker section of the society who cannot afford the things required to protect themselves from the heat.

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