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World No Tobacco Day: Second-hand smoke the silent killer.

The 31st of May is recognised as World No Tobacco Day, which provides a vital platform for educating people about the harmful effects of using tobacco products and being around people who smoke. This yearly event offers a chance to spread awareness among people, companies, and governments about the significance of fostering smoke-free environments and supporting healthy lifestyle choices.

Smoke that is both breathed by smokers and smoke that results from burning tobacco items is referred to as second-hand smoke (SHS). Thousands of hazardous compounds, including numerous recognised carcinogens, are present in this invisible menace.

 When non-smokers are around smokers, their chance of developing a number of illnesses rises, including lung cancer, heart disease, respiratory problems, and even problems for children including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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Learn about Second Hand smoke impact on this World No Tobacco Day:

The health of those exposed to second-hand smoking can be seriously harmed, increasing a number of risk factors. Cardiovascular illnesses such high blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke can be brought on by the toxic substances. Non-smokers exposed to this smoke may develop aggravated symptoms of their asthma, develop respiratory infections more frequently, and develop chronic coughing. Additionally, breathing in second-hand smoke can make chronic respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) worse. Additionally, it may raise the risk of cancers such as bladder, breast, and lung.

Toxic substances (smoke) from burning nicotine products are present. These poisons are inhaled even by non-smokers who breathe in other people’s smoke. Unfiltered side stream smoke comes out of the end of a cigar, cigarette, or pipe. When someone breathes it in, it contains more toxic substances that are hazardous.

It is therefore important that simply not smoking is not the solution to avoiding illness. It is important to stop those around us who smoke as they will cause non-smokers more harm than themselves. There should be more awareness this World No Tobacco Day on quitting smoking and the repercussions should be harder.

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