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1200-Year Hindu Temple In Pakistan To Re-Build

A 1,200-year-old Hindu sanctuary in Pakistan’s Lahore city will be re-established later “unlawful tenants” were ousted from it following an extended court fight, the government body regulating minority love puts in the nation said on Wednesday.

The Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) last month recovered the ownership of Valmiki Mandir (sanctuary) arranged close the renowned Anarkali Bazaar Lahore from a Christian family.

Other than Krishna Temple, Valmiki Temple is the main utilitarian sanctuary in Lahore.

The Christian family, which professes to have changed over completely to Hinduism, had been working with just the Valmiki station Hindus for love at the sanctuary throughout the previous twenty years.

ETPB representative Amir Hashmi told PTI that Valmiki Temple will be reestablished as per a ‘ground breaking strategy’ before very long.

“More than 100 Hindu, a few Sikh and Christian pioneers today assembled at the Valmiki Temple. Hindus played out their strict ceremonies and had lungar (nourishment) interestingly it was recovered from the grabbers,” he said.

The Christian family had gotten the sanctuary over quite a while back.

An ETPB official told Dawn paper, the sanctuary’s territory was moved to the ETPB in the income record, however the family in 2010-2011, professing to be the proprietor of the property, documented a case in the common court.

He said other than going into suit, the family likewise made the sanctuary just for the Valmiki Hindu. This left the trust with no choice except for to battle the case in court.

“This time, the court additionally condemned the candidate for bogus cases,” the authority added.

In 1992, in the fallout of the Babri Masjid destruction in India, a furious horde using weapons burst into the Valmiki Temple. It crushed the icons of Krishna and Valmiki, broke utensils and ceramics in the kitchen and held onto the gold with which the sculptures were decorated.

The sanctuary was wrecked to rubble and the structure was set ablaze. The shops in the area additionally burst into flames and it required days for the specialists to quench the blazes.

The ETPB representative told Dawn paper that a one-man commission comprised by the Supreme Court of Pakistan introduced its suggestions to the public authority, expressing that the sanctuary should be remodeled to give better studio offices to the Hindu people group.

Yet, the ETPB, following the case, couldn’t begin rebuilding work at the sanctuary built on north of 10 marla land worth millions in the core of the city, the representative said.



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