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2 Russian Tourists Die in Odisha Hotel, one was a politician.

B Vlamidir died on Thursday after suffering from a stroke, Pave; Antov died on Sunday after falling from the third floor.

Odisha police are looking into the death of politician and philanthropist Pavel Antov of Russia. This is days after another member of the same group of Russian tourists died in a hotel in the Rayagada. According to media accounts, Antov, a multimillionaire sausage manufacturer and elected official, referred to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as “horror.” While on vacation, Antov was spending his 66th birthday in the Rayagada district of Odisha.

The superintendent of police in Rayagada, Vivekananda Sharma, reported that B Vladimir passed away last Thursday following a heart attack. Vladimir’s roommate Pavel Antov passed away on Sunday after falling from the third floor. Authorities say they are looking into whether it was a suicide or an accident.

According to police, Antov died because of depression after Vladimir’s death.

What actually happened?

According to Vivekananda Sharma, on December 21, four people arrived to check into a hotel in Rayagada. One of them, B Vladimir, passed away on December 22 in the morning. It was discovered at the post-mortem that he died from a heart attack. He was later cremated. After his passing, his friend Pavel Antov became sad and passed away on December 25.

Russian tourists’ tour guide Jitendra Singh informed the news agency ANI that B Vladimir, 61, was sick and discovered unconscious on Thursday morning.
The Russian tourists and their travel agent checked in at the hotel at around 4.30 p.m. on December 21, according to the front desk clerk. He is also telling the police that the tourists we having alcohol.

Antov reportedly jumped from the third floor and the guide took him to the hospital. He was dead upon arrival at the hospital, according to the guide.

Many believe that there is some controversy in this story. Two Russian Nationals dying within a week in the same hotel. Some believe that some before-hand planning is in play in the incident as well.

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