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24-Year-Old Killed Her Grandmother To Pay Off Loan

A 24-year-elderly person, named Gauri Dange, has been captured as she killed her grandma, Sulochana Dange, was frantic to pay Rs 15,000 to a web-based credit application.

Sulochana Dange, 70, was found dead in her home close to Warje Naka on Tuesday, TOI revealed.

“Gauri had held up a homicide objection after the episode, yet she continued changing her explanations, making the police dubious. She was exposed to some serious barbecuing, during which she conceded to having carried out the wrongdoing,” the report cited agent chief of police (zone III) Pournima Gaikwad as saying.

The advance application leaders were after Gauri for the beyond couple of days to reimburse the credit, the senior authority said. “They sent her whole contact rundown and her two photographs on her cellphone on Tuesday morning with a message that the photos would be transformed and shipped off her contacts in the event that she neglected to reimburse the credit around evening time. This drove her into a frenzy mode and she wound up perpetrating the wrongdoing,” Gaikwad expressed.

The police is currently moving toward the gem specialist in Karvenagar to whom Gauri professed to have sold her grandma’s gold chain and a couple of gold hoops to reimburse the credit.

One more police official informed that Gauri left investigations after Class XII and was functioning as an independent telecaller for a main confidential bank. Be that as it may, she wasn’t making to the point of supporting her propensity for shopping and voyaging.

“Thus, she began taking credits from online applications. She would acquire from an application to reimburse the advance of another. She before long arrived in a difficult situation. She had some awareness of her grandma’s decorations, yet the last option had told her that she had no cash. In the moment case, her credit reimbursement was expected before the current month’s over. Yet, the credit application chiefs began calling her significantly sooner, requesting prompt installment of Rs 15,000, which Gauri did by offering the adornments to the goldsmith. We will before long recuperate the trimmings and question the gem specialist,” the authority expressed.

The Crime

On Tuesday, Gauri arrived at home early and saw her grandma dozing. She got a pad and covered her, DCP Gaikwad said.

“At the point when Sulochana attempted to set up opposition, Gauri got a shaving razor and incurred cut injuries for her hands and neck. She then, at that point, got a screwdriver and hit it hard on Sulochana’s head, causing a profound cut physical issue. We have held onto the screwdriver, the razor and the cushion,” Gaikwad said.

Besides, the denounced put two glasses on a table and cleaned the house prior to moving out to cause a situation which would lead the police to surmise that two men had entered the premises when the casualty was distant from everyone else.



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