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US President Joe Biden ‘salutes’ to PM Modi at G20 summit

People all around the world received a visual delight when they saw their world leaders plant trees in a Mangrove forest in Bali, among those leaders, was the Prime Minister of India who also took part in the initiative. Upon arrival, Prime Minister Modi received a warm salute from the POTUS Joe Biden moments before beginning the tour of the Mangrove forest. This came a day after President Biden walked over to the Indian PM to shake his hand as they sat next to each other on Day 1 of the G20 summit.

PM Modi, POTUS Biden and other G20 leaders plant trees in Mangrove forest.

On Wednesday PM along with many prominent G20 world leaders visited and planted Mangroves at Taman Hunta Raya Ngurah Rai Mangrove forests. 

The event which also featured leaders like US President Joe Biden was organised on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. ANI on Wednesday reported that the event happened in the light of the news that India has joined the Mangrove Alliance for Climate (MAC). MAC is a joint initiative of Indonesia and UAE under the Indonesian G-20 Presidency. This was the second day of the Prime Minister’s visit, when he arrived at the mangrove forest, he was greeted by Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo upon his arrival. 

PM Modi interacts with other G20 leaders & took a tour of the Mangrove forest in Bali

What PM Modi’s schedule looks like

PM Modi is expected to attend the third working session of the G20 summit, which will be based on “Digital Transformation.” He is also expected to hold bilateral meetings with leaders of eight countries on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. 

On Tuesday, PM Modi addressed the G20 working session on Food and Energy security. In the event, he made his stance clear on the long-standing Russia-Ukraine war. The PM urged both sides to favour dialogue and diplomacy in Ukraine and said, “we have to find a way to return to the path of the ceasefire.” Reminding the leaders about the devastation World War 2 caused, he said “Over the past century, the Second World War wreaked havoc in the world. After that, the leaders of that time made a serious effort to take the path of peace. Now it’s our turn.”  PM Modi during his visit to Bali also met the Indian diaspora in Indonesia and talked about the long-standing relationship between India and Indonesia.

On the sidelines of the G20 Summit, PM Modi met various world leaders such as the United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. This was the first time both the leaders met face to face. Before this, they had conversations on the phone. India is all set to assume the presidency of the G20 summit, which will be organised in India next year.



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