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Air India flight forced to land after passenger “hits” 2 cabin crew.

On Monday, a passenger attacked two of the flight attendants, forcing the Air India flight from Delhi to London to return to Delhi.

Following reports that a violent passenger injured two cabin crew members. An Air India flight bound for London was diverted back to Delhi today. A police case has been opened when the flyer was deboarded.

According to a statement released by Air India today, an aircraft to London’s Heathrow airport was diverted shortly. This was after take-off because of “serious unruly behaviour of a passenger.”

The passenger proceeded to act in a disruptive manner. Further even hurting two members of the cabin crew physically, despite verbal and written warnings. The passenger was turned over to security personnel when the pilot in charge opted to return to Delhi. Additionally, a FIR has been filed with the police, according to the airline.

Air India comments on the issue:

The statement from Air India stressed the importance of everyone’s “safety, security, and dignity” while flying. It further continued, “We regret the inconvenience caused to the passengers and have rescheduled the flight to depart for London this afternoon.”

Jaskirat, the passenger, was apparently mentally unstable, according to family members.

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the Air India Boeing 787 departed at 6.35 am and arrived back in Delhi at 9.42 am. The oversight body for civil aviation is also looking into the event. While above Peshawar, Pakistan, the airliner changed course to head back to India. This is according to the well-known flight tracker software Flightradar24.

DGCA takes action:

Numerous examples of aggressive behaviour by air travelers have occurred recently, including the claim that a male passenger peed on a female co-passenger and the discovery of smokers in the restrooms of flights.

As a result, the airlines involved in these cases have issued a flying restriction to the passengers in question, and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has taken stern action in these incidents. The head of the DGCA recently stated that airlines have the authority to take measures against passengers engaging in disruptive behaviour while flying.

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