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Alabama witnesses another shooting, 4 dead and 20 injured.

In a mass shooting during a 16th birthday celebration in the US state of Alabama, at least four people have died.

Shots were fired on Saturday at the Mahogany Masterpiece Dance Studio in the city of Dadeville, Alabama. Which further led to injuring 20 citizens, some of whom were in severe condition. Athlete and high school senior Phil Dowdell has been identified as one of the victims by the local media.

After the tragedy, President Joe Biden reaffirmed his calls for stricter gun legislation.

What has happened to our country that kids can’t go to a birthday celebration without getting scared? In a statement made public by the White House on Sunday, Mr. Biden posed the question.

More than 12 hours after the incident, neither Burkett nor other law enforcement officials gave any information. Especially regarding who might have carried out the shooting and why. Whether a suspect has been apprehended or identified, or even how many people were hurt and their ages.

According to Annette Allen, who spoke to the Montgomery Advertiser, her grandson Phil Dowdell was one of those killed. He had been at a party celebrating his sister Alexis’s 16th birthday when gunshots began.

The gun problem is in all of USA not just Alabama:

There are 400 million guns in the United States, a nation of about 330 million people, therefore terrible mass shootings happen frequently. According to the Gun Violence Archive, this shooting brings the US total for this year to almost 160 mass shootings in which four or more individuals have been shot.

The most recent deaths occurred on the 16th anniversary of the bloodiest school shooting in American history, which took place at Virginia Tech in 2007 and resulted in 32 fatalities.

Separately, authorities in Louisville, Kentucky, where a bank employee murdered five people at his office last Monday, announced two people were killed and four others were injured in a shooting late Saturday at a busy park. Republicans, passionate supporters of the right to bear arms guaranteed by the constitution, have long resisted efforts to tighten gun laws.

However, it is still important to change gun laws in the United States. With most of the shootings happening in schools or educational institutions, the youth is in danger. The Biden government must find a solution and it must be fast.

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