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Another Spine Chilling Murder in Delhi’s Pandav Nagar.

A woman and her son were arrested by Delhi Police in Pandav Nagar for killing a man and stashing his body parts in the refrigerator.

Just as citizens of New Delhi were recovering from the shocking Murder case of Shraddha Walker, another case happened. This time it is in the Pandav Nagar area of the capital. A woman and her son are under arrest for killing Anjan Das. Anjan was their husband and father respectively.

According to Delhi Police, the woman murdered her husband and cut his body into 10 parts. Further, the Woman stored the body parts in the refrigerator.

On Monday, in Pandav Nagar, local police discover a severed head and some other body parts. The police cannot identify the body as of yet but is working on it.

Official Police Statement.

At a press conference on Monday, Amit Goel, DCP Crime, Delhi Police said, “On June 5, some body parts were recovered in Ramlila maidan in the East district. In the next three days, two legs, two thighs, a skull and a forearm were recovered, and a case was filed.” He added, “Efforts were then made to identify the body. It seemed like a gruesome murder. The police identified the body as Anjan Das after analyzing footage and conducting door-to-door verification.”

“Investigation revealed that the deceased had been missing for the last five-six months and there was no missing complaint filed by the family members. His wife Poonam and son Deepak were seen in the CCTV footage. They confessed to his murder upon questioning,” -Goel.

Below is the CCTV footage in which we can see the Mother-Son duo. They are walking towards a ground with a bag, supposedly filled with body parts of Anjan.

The Reason:

For more info about the crime, Goel said, “On May 30, the mother-son duo made deceased Anjan drink liquor mixed with sleeping pills. Following which, they slit his throat and left the body at home for a day for the blood to drain out completely. They then chopped the body in 10 pieces. So far, the police has recovered six pieces.”

“Poonam married Anjan in 2017 after her husband Kallu passed away in 2016. Kallu was Deepak’s father. Anjan was married in Bihar too and had eight children there. He wasn’t earning and the couple often used to fight,” said Goel.


Even though the Mother-Son duo is under arrest, it is horrifying that they did this to their own family member. This also brings up the question of safety of people in Delhi and how this new style of murder is coming up. As citizens, we should be more aware of the people we talk to, be aware of our surroundings. We should always carry some kind of self-protection with us, god knows when we might need it.

The Shraddha Walker case and this case teach us that we should be well aware of the people in our surroundings. We should talk to someone if we feel hostile.

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