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Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf shot dead on live television.

Gangster Politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother were shot dead on television by 3 individuals who were posing as journalists.

In Prayagraj, better known as Allahabad, Atiq Ahmed, who was being escorted by police, was speaking to reporters when a gun was drawn dangerously close to his head. Later, the individuals shot the Ahmed brothers multiple times.

Three individuals who had been pretending to be journalists soon surrendered. They were brought into custody after the bullets were fired on Saturday night. A few days ago, UP police shot and killed Ahmed’s teenage son.

Over the past 20 years, dozens of cases, including kidnapping, murder, and extortion, have been filed against Atiq Ahmed. In March of this year, a local court sentenced him and two other people in an abduction case to life in prison. Ahmed had previously asserted that the police posed a threat to his life.

How did the three men kill Atiq Ahmed?

The attackers, Lovelesh Tiwari, Sunny, and Arun Maurya, revealed to the police that they planned to kill Atiq Ahmad and gain fame in the criminal underworld. They stayed at a lodge after arriving in Prayagraj on Thursday. The cops are interviewing the lodge’s management.

The murderers claim they decided to carry out the attack after discovering that the brothers were being held by the police and going to the hospital for a checkup. They decided that impersonating journalists would allow them to approach Atiq very closely, so they followed him with other journalists all day on Saturday.

Atiq and Ashraf were being escorted inside the Motilal Nehru Divisional Hospital in Prayagraj when the three men reportedly approached them outside at around 10 o’clock at night.

They concealed their weapons and pretended to be in the media commotion before firing at close range. The first shot was fired by Arun Maurya directly at Atiq’s head. The murderers shot around 20 rounds, while the police did not fire even one. Atiq and Ashraf passed away instantly.

Who was Atiq?

Atiq Ahmad served as a member of parliament for the Uttar Pradesh district of Phulpur. He was the subject of more than 90 criminal prosecutions, including ones for murder, abduction, and extortion. Additionally, in 2018, he was charged with attacking a lecturer at Allahabad University. In 2019, he was imprisoned in Gujarat under the National Security Act.

His brother Ashraf, who was also a thug, was the subject of numerous legal proceedings. The Uttar Pradesh police detained him on Friday in relation to a murder investigation.

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