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Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia makes a surprise visit to Delhi Airport.

In order to understand and tackle the Delhi Airport's chaos situation, Aviation Minister Scindia pays the airport a visit.

The New Delhi International Airport’s footfall is increasing day by day. As there are almost no restrictions in many countries now, people are travelling more. This is leading to chaos at the New Delhi International airport. People have complained about waiting more than an hour to clear the security check. People also reported a lot of “rush” at the boarding area. This is when Aviation Minister Scindia decided to check the matter.

Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Union Minister for Civil Aviation, paid an unexpected visit to Terminal 3 of the Delhi airport on Monday after travelers uploaded videos of the situation. Passengers have recently voiced complaints about the airport’s lengthy lines and waiting times. Scindia quickly travelled to the airport to address the issues that the passengers had with their flights as a result.

Airport Authority’s plan to handle the chaos:

On Saturday, December 10th, Scindia also went to Terminal 3 (T3) at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA). He looked at things like passenger flow and baggage checkpoints at that time.

According to ministry representatives, the airport authority has taken several actions in the last two days to reduce traffic congestion. This includes adding more traffic police to the T3 departure area. Additionally, on duty individuals at the entrance gates will assist travelers.

To assist passengers with tray preparation and congestion management, airport officials say an additional X-ray machine is at T3 domestic. More personnel will be present in the ATRS (Automatic Tray Retrieval System) area.

In order to ensure that passengers have their boarding passes ready, awareness posters have also been placed at the entry gates.
According to airport officials, talks with airlines are also ongoing to cut back on the number of flights at the three terminals at busy times. During these hours, there are 14 flights for T3, 11 for T2, and 8 for T1. Peak times are typically in the morning and evening.

The Delhi airport typically serves 1.90 lakh passengers and 1,200 planes per day.

Below is the official video of Scindia’s visit:

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