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Bangalore Suicide: 47 year old shoots himself.

A 47 year old individual has shot himself in Bangalore in his car. He left a suicide note in which he blamed a BJP MLA.

On Sunday in Bangalore , a 47-year-old man shot himself to death, committing suicide. The man explained why he took the drastic measure in the message he left behind. Stating harassment from six persons, one of whom was a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA.

The individual, who goes by the name S Pradeep, was convinced to spend Rs 1.2 crore in a Bangalore club in 2018. By the help of two of the men he mentioned in the note. They had pledged to repay him with a monthly payment of Rs 3 lakh. Also, a salary for his time working for the club.

The suicide letter claimed that after receiving the money, Gopi and Somiaha for long months failed to reimburse Pradeep. According to the note, Pradeep had to take out several loans to pay off the interest. He even had to sell his house and farmland to cover the costs.

Mental Pressure:

The men refused Pradeep’s requests for them to return the money. So, according to the memo, Pradeep brought the matter up with BJP MLA Aravind Limbavali. The MLA reportedly approached the two individuals to ask them to refund Pradeep’s money. However, they only agreed to return Rs 90 lakhs.

The letter also charges a doctor named Jayaram Reddy with bringing a civil lawsuit against Pradeep’s brother’s property and bothering and hurting Pradeep emotionally.

The letter ends by listing the six people who were in part to blame for him taking such drastic measures. Aravind Limbavali, a BJP member, is also named and accused of backing the guys who kept Pradeep’s money.

The CM has also reacted on the case:

CM Basavaraj Bommai responded to the event and declared that police would take additional action when the BJP MLA’s name was found in the suicide note found by the police.
Pradeep was discovered on Sunday in Bengaluru’s Nettigere village, shot in the head. The suicide letter, which includes the BJP MLA among six other people, is found inside Pradeep’s car.

The police’s investigation is also currently underway.

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