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Bengaluru Rains- Hotel Tariffs Shoot Up Amid High Demand

Bengaluru Rains- With weighty downpours lashing Bengaluru, there has been a fast flood popular for lodgings and a flood in taxes. Numerous families in flood-hit city have moved into the lodgings attributable to the downpour and water-signing in the IT center. Numerous condos at LB Shastri Nagar off the Old Airport Road are cut off from water supply and power, inciting individuals to book lodgings for their convenience.

The lodging rates have taken off and the rooms are currently going for Rs 30,000-40,000 a night by and large, twofold the typical scope of Rs 10,000-20,000 across properties.

The vast majority of the lodgings in flood-attacked regions in Whitefield, Outer Ring Road, Old Airport Road and Koramangala are completely reserved till Friday. The current rate for a room in the Leela Palace, situated at Old Airport Road, begins from Rs 18,113. Then again, one needs to dish out Rs 14,750 (barring charges) to book a luxurious room at the Taj Bangalore.

In any case, the paces of OYO rooms in Bangalore are reasonable and stand a little over Rs 1,200, making it an effectively open stay choice for individuals gravely impacted because of floods. Last we checked, the current pace of OYO rooms in White Field is above Rs 1,300 and in Koromangala, a solitary room is accessible for more than Rs 1,000 every evening.

“The typical levy for OYOs in Bangalore presently stands a little over Rs 1,000, making the OYO a reasonable and effectively open stay choice for flood-impacted individuals in the city. Our ‘Close by stays’ choice and ‘Pay at inn’ office makes booking an OYO simple for the downpour doused Bangaloreans searching for lodgings. We desire to help as numerous Bangaloreans with quality stays during this difficult time for the city, “an OYO representative told PTI.

The vast majority of the lodgings have sold out both single and twofold inhabitance spaces for the following two days.

At Bengaluru Radisson Blu Atria, the ongoing tax is around Rs 11,100 or more duties each night for a twofold inhabitance room, up from Rs 8,000. For a solitary room, the current tax is Rs 10,500 or more duties, up from Rs 7,500 beforehand, PTI said in a report.

At Bengaluru Country Inn and Suites, for stroll in visitors, a solitary room is accessible for Rs 5,500 elite of expenses, while a twofold room is charged at Rs 6,500 or more duties each evening.


In the mean time, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has anticipated weighty precipitation for the city for the following five days. A high alert has been given and individuals have been approached to play it safe and those residing on the ground floors have been approached to move to more secure spots.



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