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Bihar Govt to give no Compensations for the deaths due to Hooch Tragedy.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar says there will be no compensation for those who died because of hooch tragedy.

The official numbers still indicate that 28 people died in the Saran district. However the death toll from the Bihar hooch tragedy has risen to 60. As the population grows, politics has taken center stage. With the BJP objecting and Gujarat’s chief minister Nitish Kumar making fun of the collapse of the Morbi bridge.

The BJP, a previous ally of the JDU government in power under Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, organized a significant demonstration. Which was in response to the fictitious alcohol-related deaths and demanded that the current administration provide justice. Additionally, the opposition in the state has asserted that “Nitish Kumar personally has blood on his hands.”

Sushil Kumar Singh, a BJP member from Aurangabad, referred to the deaths caused by the hooch tragedy as “mass murder”. He also blames the Bihar government for it.

Nitish Kumar’s say:

Nitish Kumar, CM, spoke to the assembly and promised that the families of those killed by fake alcohol will not receive any compensation. He said, “If you drink, you will die…those who talk in favour of drinking will not bring you any good.”

The first time, he argued that since alcohol was illegal in the state, accessible items were likely to be fake. People should thus abstain from drinking them.

In the state, the hooch tragedy sparked a huge political brawl. The opposition BJP, which was a member of the state government until Nitish Kumar replaced them with the RJD in August, has been eager to assign blame for the current state of affairs to that government.

Below is the CM’s official statement:

After allegedly drinking alcohol that was reportedly taken from a police station. Which was confiscated by the excise department, over 50 individuals supposedly deceased. According to sources, the police claim to have detained over 80 people in the past two weeks. Because of connection with cases involving illegal alcohol, totaling over 460.

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