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Brazil Riots: PM Modi expresses “Deep Concern”

Supporters of Brazil's last president, Jair Bolsonaro have invaded key government buildings to protest.

In what President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva described as a “fascist” assault, hundreds of supporters of far-right former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro assaulted Congress, the presidential mansion, and the Supreme Court on Sunday.

Bolsonaro criticized the “pillaging and invasions” at the National Congress, the Presidential palace, in response to the raids.

Invading the floor of Congress, destroying the offices of the Supreme Court, and scaling the ramp leading to the Planalto presidential palace, a sea of protestors wearing the national colors of green and yellow rushed into Brazil’s center of power.

The protests come after Bolsonaro’s defeat in October of 2022:

Since Lula barely defeated Bolsonaro in the October 30 runoff election, Bolsonaro supporters have been demonstrating outside Brazilian army posts. Pushing for a military intervention to prevent Lula from assuming office.

Crowds of demonstrators scaled the famous Congress building’s roof on Sunday. It was unfurl a banner that said “INTERVENTION,” a request to the military.

Social media video showed rioters smashing windows and doors to gain access to the Congress building. Once inside, they poured out in large numbers, vandalizing lawmakers’ offices. Fruther, sliding down the sloped speaker’s dais on the floor of the legislature while yelling insults at the absent lawmakers.

While visiting a district devastated by heavy flooding in the southeast city of Araraquara. Lula signed a document announcing a federal intervention in Brazil. Thus, giving his government unique authority to re-establish law and order there.

PM Modi shows “Deep Concern” about the matter:

In a statement released today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed concern over the unrest in Brazil. He also offered his support to the administration, emphasizing that “democratic traditions must be respected by everyone.”

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