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Chat GPT: Several Educational Institutions ban the AI Tool.

Several Indian colleges have banned the Chat GPT AI Tool as students were found using it to do their assignments.

ChatGPT, a free AI tool from OpenAI, has become incredibly popular. The AI tool, which came out in November, can produce content about any topic in response to a requirement, including articles, essays, jokes, etc. It is also not entirely unexpected that plagiarism has become a hot topic across businesses. Concerning educational institutions, there is a tension that pupils will use the tool for assignments and homework. There is worry at colleges and institutions in India and several other nations as a result of news that ChatGPT passed the Wharton MBA exam and the US law and medical license exams.

Indian Education institutions take action:

The Chat GPT tool is not to be used, according to a written warning from RV University. Sanjay Chitnis, dean of RV University’s school of computer science and engineering, has formally warned students and staff stressing that it is not advisable to use artificial intelligence (AI) agents like ChatGPT, Github, etc. During lab and tutorial sessions, ChatGPT is blocked by the college. Additionally, it will perform random checks by having students’ copy material. The RV University’s policy therefore became effective on January 1st.

In Karnataka, institutions like Dayananda Sagar University and the International Institute of Information Technology are also looking into solutions to stop students from relying on ChatGPT and other AI tools. To fix the problem, administrators at Dayananda Sagar University intend to alter the assignments.

Christ University, is also considering ways to prevent students from using AI tools. A committee has been established by the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-B) to provide a framework for utilizing ChatGPT. The committee will create a do’s and don’ts list for ChatGPT. 

Risks that the AI poses:

Chat GPT poses many risks, especially to people who make a living off writing content. With automation and artificial intelligence, one can produce their desired content within seconds. The bigger threat is that most of these facilities are either free to use or very cheap. This is a risk on many people’s livelihoods.

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