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China Covid-19: Crematoriums and Hospitals at full capacity.

Crematoriums and Hospitals in China are going over capacity as Covid cases surge. Country likely to experience another wave.

The sudden lifting of lockdowns by the Chinese government is leading to sharp increase in coronavirus cases in China. People also believe the reason can be China’s “Zero-case” policy.

Chinese authorities are yet to acknowledge the number of fatalities. However, cases continue to rise following the removal of restrictions earlier this month. The Chinese government has issued a warning about subsequent waves of COVID infections in the coming months.

The official tally of COVID-19 instances is approximately 2,000 per day. State Media reports are quoting numerous cases around them, according to Hong Kong Post. The national health commission announced last week that it would no longer be counting asymptomatic illnesses. This is because it is “difficult” to keep track of them.

Below are a few pointers on the condition in China:

  1. Crematoriums are struggling to handle an influx of bodies as the nation struggles with a wave of Covid cases that authorities have acknowledged is impossible to track, according to news agency AFP.
  2. One crematorium in Chongqing, a 30 million person city, told AFP that they had run out of room to store remains this week despite the fact that the government had pushed those with “minor” Covid symptoms to report to work.
  3. According to one estimate, the illness, which kept millions of people inside their homes, has affected over 70% of Beijing’s population.
  4. Only Covid-19 deaths from “respiratory problems,” according to China, will be counted in the final death toll. In addition to the two fatalities reported on Monday, Beijing, which is affected by the BF.7 variation of the Omicron strain, has reported five more deaths.
  5. In the next 90 days, according to Eric Feigl-prediction, Ding’s more than 60% of China and 10% of the global population are likely to contract the disease, with millions of deaths likely.

Currently, it does not seem like China’s Covid problem will solve anytime soon. As hospitals run out of medicines and crematoriums run out of space, the situation will only get more difficult. Experts also suggest that the outbreak can also reach other countries. So we must maintain social distancing and other precautions to avoid illness. Indian travelers returning from abroad might have to quarantine for a week to ensure safety.



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