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Chinese Spy Living As A Monk In Delhi

A Chinese lady associated with spying has been captured from a Tibetan displaced person settlement in north Delhi, the police said today.
Her character papers showed her name as Dolma Lama, with a location in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, the police said, adding her genuine name is Cai Ruo.

The police said she has been inhabiting Majnu Ka Tilla, a Tibetan displaced person settlement that is likewise famous with sightseers close to Delhi College’s north grounds.

She has been living under the mask of a Buddhist priest, wearing a conventional dark red priest robe, with a short hair style.

The police said they checked her records with the Outsiders Territorial Enlistment Official, or FRRO, and found that Cai Ruo came to India in 2019 utilizing a Chinese visa.

During addressing, the police said she guaranteed that a few forerunners in China’s Socialist Coalition needed to kill her.

She knows three dialects – English, Mandarin and Nepali.

The Delhi Police Extraordinary Cell, which captured her, said they are researching the situation.



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