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Contractor Sets Mercedes On Fire To Get Revenge

Noida- An incident occurred after a contractor sets a car on fire in rage. Contractor Ranveer sprinkled petrol on a parked car and set the car on fire. The incident was recorded on CCTV, and an FIR was registered. The worker was previously jailed two times for attacking people.

The event took a turn after Ayush Chauhan exclaimed that the contractor was working on the ongoing construction work in Sadarpur Village, and during that time lockdown was imposed. Mr. Chauhan gave the contractor the complete payment to date, and the work was stopped soon after lockdown.

After the lockdown opened, Mr. Chauhan reached out to the same contractor to complete the unfinished construction business. To which Ranveer refused to work and told Mr. Chauhan that he doesn’t have time and about some marriage in his family. Ranveer even told him to find a new worker and get the work done.

CCTV footage

Later, Ayush Chauhan hired a new worker to complete the rest of the work. Ranveer got furious over the fact that he hired somebody else. In this anger, the contractor decided to take revenge on Mr. Chauhan and set his car on fire. The whole incident got recorded on CCTV. The person accused was soon arrested after the whole episode.



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