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Covid 19: India may not even have another Covid Wave.

India gears up for BF.7 variant of Covid which is currently spreading in China.

Covid-19 The number of 19 cases in India is slightly rising. According to data published on Sunday by the Union Health Ministry, the nation has seen 227 new coronavirus infections, while the number of current cases has climbed to 3,424.
The data was updated at 8 am and showed that there had been two fatalities on the previous day, with one fatality reconciled by Kerala and one recorded in Maharashtra.

According to the government, the national Covid-19 recovery rate improved to 98.80%. The active cases make up 0.01 percent of all infections.

In the last 24 hours, there has been an increase of 27 patients in the active Covid-19 caseload. The website of the ministry reports that the country has already received 220.05 crore doses of the Covid vaccine. This is as part of the ongoing national vaccination campaign.

Is there a need to worry?

The cases are only increasing at a slight rate and experts believe that we can control it. Experts also believe that it is very unlikely that India will experience another Covid wave.

According to Dr V Ravi, virologist and head of research and development at Tata Medical and Diagnostics, Bengaluru. “The variant is not likely to pose serious risk to Indian population. The worst-case scenario is that the variant will cause mild upper respiratory symptoms for one or two days.”

India’s measures to tackle the situation:

India has taken preventive measures in response to the rise in China. Which include stepping up tests and booster doses, randomly checking travelers from other countries, and advising individuals to behave in a Covid-appropriate manner.

According to experts, the virus has mutated into a much milder form, and many Indians have developed hybrid immunity. This is as a result of exposure or immunization. A more realistic picture, according to experts, will come out by tracking hospitalizations and fatalities. Which are mainly due to the virus rather than merely counting cases.

The government is continuing to urge citizens to follow social distancing while going out. However, the real risk lies on the next weekend which is the New Year weekend. Many people usually head out and public places are full with people. Therefore we urge everyone to follow social distancing when going out.

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