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Cyrus Mistry Accident- Wasn’t Wearing Seatbelt, Overspeeding

Ex Tata Sons executive Cyrus Mistry, who kicked the bucket in an auto crash on Sunday, was not wearing a safety belt, early examinations uncover as per police sources.

Apparently the driver failed to keep a grip on the vehicle, which was speeding, and this prompted the mishap, they added.

Cyrus Mistry was making a trip from Gujarat’s Udwada to Mumbai alongside Jehangir Pandole, Anahita Pandole and Darius Pandole, when the mishap occurred at around 2.30 pm on Sunday. Anahita Pandole, a Mumbai-based gynecologist, was driving the vehicle, a Mercedes.

Jehangir Pandole, who was sitting close to Mr Mistry in the secondary lounge, likewise kicked the bucket in the mishap, while Anahita Pandole and her better half Darius Pandole were truly harmed.

The shade airbags didn’t open for Cyrus Mistry and Jahangir Pandole in light of the fact that the two of them were not wearing the safety belts, authorities said.

The vehicle attempted to surpass one more vehicle from some unacceptable side when it hit a street divider on a scaffold over the Surya waterway at Charoti Naka, police had said yesterday.

The police are examining the recording caught by the CCTV cameras close to the spot and the vehicle is being researched to discover in the event that it had any mechanical issues. They are likewise attempting to recover information from a chip collected in the vehicle – like a black box, authorities said.

The legal group have additionally gathered examples from the mishap site.

Cyrus Mistry, who was the 6th director of Tata Sons, was removed from the situation in October 2016. He had taken over as the director in December 2012 after Ratan Tata reported his retirement. He is made due by his better half Rohiqa and their two children.

Darius Pandole, a previous free chief in Tata gathering of organizations, had gone against the evacuation of Mr Mistry as the organization’s executive. He likewise left the Tata bunch alongside Mr Mistry. Jehangir Pandole was Darius Pandole’s sibling.



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