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Delhi govt moves Supreme Court seeking more water from neighbouring states

On Friday, the Delhi government petitioned the Supreme Court seeking increased raw water supply from nearby states such as Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh due to a critical water shortage in the national capital. Earlier in the day, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asserted that neighboring states had diminished their water allocations to Delhi.

“If the BJP talks to its governments in Haryana and UP and gets some water for Delhi for a month, then the people of Delhi will greatly appreciate this step of the BJP. Such scorching heat is not in anyone’s control. But if we all work together, can we provide relief to the people from this? Kejriwal had posted on social platform X.With the deepening water crisis, the Delhi government has introduced stringent measures, including a ₹2,000 fine “on anyone found wasting water and shall disconnect any illegal water connection on construction sites or commercial establishments”.

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With no respite from heatwave, the water crisis in Delhi has worsened with residents forced to run with their empty buckets to the water tankers. In Vivekananda Colony in Chanakyapuri, children, men and women climbed atop the water tanker, PTI reported.

Rahul Kumar, a resident of Burari in North Delhi, said they face the same crisis every year and each year “people have to fight with each other.”

“Not everyone can buy water. We have to wait the whole day for the tanker and then struggle to get the water. It’s tough in this heat but water is the most basic thing for humans,” he added.

Rudal, a resident of the Geeta colony complained, “It has become a very big problem, only one tanker comes and the colony is so big. We have written two applications to the government but who listens to the poor? We have to buy the water to drink it. One bottle costs us 20 rupees”.

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(With PTI, ANI inputs)



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