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Delhi temperature may break record for highest ever in India: 126.1 degrees

A temperature reading taken in Delhi, the capital of India, might have set a new national record amid a scorching heat wave. This preliminary reading of 52.9 degrees Celsius (126.1 degrees Fahrenheit) is considered an outlier compared to other temperatures recorded in Delhi on the same day, according to officials. However, if validated, it would be the highest temperature ever recorded in India.

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The temperature reading was recorded at a substation in Mungeshpur, a neighborhood in northwest Delhi. India’s capital territory, which includes the capital city New Delhi, spans about 600 square miles and is home to nearly 30 million people. The Indian Meteorological Department indicated in a news release that the Mungeshpur reading might be due to a sensor issue or another error, and they plan to examine both the data and the sensor. On the same day, substations across various locations in the city generally registered temperatures between 45.2 degrees and 49.1 degrees Celsius (113 degrees and 120 degrees Fahrenheit).

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