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Elon Musk claims owning Twitter has been “quite painful”

In a latest interview with BBC, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has claimed that owning Twitter has been quite painful.

Elon Musk described running Twitter as “quite painful” and “a rollercoaster” in a hurriedly scheduled live interview with the BBC.

The multibillionaire businessman said that if the proper buyer presented themselves, he would sell the company. Twitter was purchased by Mr. Musk, who also owns Tesla Motors and SpaceX, in October for $44 billion (£35.4 billion). The interview took place at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco and covered his work habits, misinformation, and huge layoffs.

But he acknowledged that the only reason he carried out the takeover was because a judge was ready to order him to buy the company. Mr. Musk defended his leadership of the company during the conversation, in which he attempted to conduct the interview as much as the other way around.

What does Elon Musk feel about owning Twitter?

When asked if he regretted purchasing Twitter, the second-richest man in the world replied that the “pain level has been extremely high, this hasn’t been some kind of party.”

Mr. Musk said of his early days in charge: “It hasn’t been dull. It has certainly been a rollercoaster.

He continued, saying it had been “really quite a stressful situation over the last several months,” but he insisted that he still believed purchasing the business was the best course of action.

Musk made a takeover approach for Twitter after beginning to invest in the company at the beginning of 2002. But after he tried to back out of buying the company, Twitter later sued him.

Musk comment’s on Twitter’s Operations:

He added that it had not been simple to reduce the staff from just under 8,000 when he purchased the company to roughly 1,500.

It’s not practical to speak with so many people face to face, he acknowledged, therefore he did not terminate everyone in person. Since Mr. Musk acquired the business, several of Twitter’s developers have left, raising questions about the platform’s stability. He admitted some issues, such as site outages, but claimed that they had only lasted a brief period of time and that things were currently great.

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