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Emine Dzhaparova, Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister, visits India.

Due to New Delhi's close relations to the Kremlin and refusal to condemn the Russian invasion, Emine Dzhaparova travels to India.

The first visit by a Ukrainian government minister to India since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February of last year is that of Emine Dzhaparova. She is Ukraine’s first deputy foreign minister.

Dzhaparova is anticipated to speak with Meenakshi Lekhi, the minister of state for external affairs and culture. She will also speak with other members of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. She will also meet Vikram Misri, the deputy national security adviser.

According to the Indian government, Dzhaparova, a Muslim Crimean Tartar, will meet with representatives from the Ministry of External Affairs. Mainly to talk about the situation in Ukraine and world problems of common concern.

Below is the tweet by Emine Dzhaparova:

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which signalled the unmistakable return of geopolitics to the forefront of world events. It has been more than a year since the attack. A year is sufficient time to evaluate India’s efficiency in repelling the invasion and the advancements that have occurred as a result.

In order to assist resolve its issue with Russia, Kyiv wants New Delhi to be more involved. According to the deputy foreign minister of Ukraine, who also indicated that Kyiv has requested a visit from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other senior officials.

This year, India is the G-20’s rotating president, and in September, it will host a meeting of world leaders.

India’s friendship with Russia:

In contrast to other countries, New Delhi has not criticised Moscow as harshly for its invasion of Ukraine and has even increased its purchases of Russian oil, which is essential to the survival of its economy.

Dzhaparova, is in New Delhi on a four-day visit. She told the broadcaster that she thinks India should be heavily involved in the Ukraine issue.

Earlier in the day, she warned against India’s dependence on Russia while urging it to be practical in safeguarding its resources, such as energy and army equipment.

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