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Esports finally gets recognition by Government of India.

On Tuesday, Government of India finally decided to give Esports in India official recognition.

Videogames have become very popular in the past decade in India. Games like PubG, Valorant, Call of Duty have always been very popular. However, Indians mostly think of games as just games, a way to pass their time. Recently, however, there have been online gaming streamers and Esports competitions in which many Indians took part in and won.

Though, in India, many don’t recognize gaming as something someone can make money out of. Whereas in countries like USA, Canada, UK and even Dubai, it is very popular. In simple terms, it is a competition of video games where players take part and compete in video games. Esports is easily a multi-billion dollar industry and the Indian Government did not recognize it until yesterday.

The Law:

Esports received a huge boost from the Indian government on Tuesday when it was incorporated into the nation’s mainstream sports disciplines.
Droupadi Murmu, the President of India, amended the regulations governing eSports in accordance with the authority “conferred by clause (3) of article 77 of the Constitution” and requested that “e-Sports be included as part of multi-sports events” from the Ministries of Electronics and Information Technology and Sports.

There is a growing demand to include Esports in the curriculum of multi-discipline events. This is after it became a part in the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games as a demonstration sport.

The IT Ministry of India will be the main arm of Esports in India. It will be the stop for all the gaming related matters in India. Even the Sports Ministry will have to include it in its curriculum from now on.

Is it Good or Bad?

An official recognition to online gaming in India is easily a very good thing. India has been a country where talent has emerged from everywhere. This recognition will also let the parents know that gaming can actually take their children to safer future. Esports recognition has opened many gates of opportunities in India for the youth. Let’s see how this unfolds in our country.

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