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France Riots | Protesters ram car into mayor’s house, teen’s funeral held.

After the funeral of a youngster of North African traditions, whose shooting by police has provoked outrage across the France since Tuesday, there were intermittent acts of violence on Saturday, July 1. Early on Sunday, Reuters reported that there were approximately 45,000 police officers on the streets, along with specialised elite units, armoured vehicles, and helicopters that had been dispatched to reinforce Paris, Lyon, and Marseille.

According to the article, on Sunday morning things were less chaotic than they had been the previous four nights as a result of local authorities of France issuing bans on rallies, ordering the suspension of public transport in the evening, and enforcing certain midnight curfews.

The mayor of L’Hay-les-Roses tweeted on today morning that rioters had smashed a car into his home, wounding his wife and one of his kids. “One of my children and my wife both suffered injuries. Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun tweeted, “It was an attempt at murder of horrible cowardice.

Regarding the car-ramming incident, public prosecutor Stéphane of Créteil court stated, “Given the extreme seriousness of these events, the public prosecutor’s office has decided to classify them as an assassination attempt.”

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Here’s what has happened in France this week:

719 individuals were detained due to the violence on Sunday, according to the France interior ministry, the news agency AFP reported. Compared to the previous night’s 875 arrests, there were 1,311 made on Friday night.

For Nahel’s funeral, a large crowd gathered in Nanterre’s big mosque. Nahel, 17, was shot by a police officer on Tuesday. Some of the mourners were audibly speaking. As they crossed the street in prayer, they chanted, “God is Greatest.”

The murder of Nahel has revived long-standing allegations of police brutality and prejudice from urban poor and racially diverse populations.

The 17-year-old was known to police for previously disobeying traffic stop instructions, according to the Nanterre prosecutor, who claimed that he was illegally operating a rental automobile on Thursday.



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