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France: Rioters Attack Mayor’s House in Suburban Paris, try to kill his wife and children.

After Algerian immigrant Nahel M was shot by police last week, widespread violence and rioting erupted in France, and they are still going strong. Vincent Jeanbrun, a mayor from a neighbourhood of Paris, was attacked at his home on the evening of Saturday, July 1.

When some rioters attempted to set fire to his family house in L’Ha-les-Roses, a suburb of Paris, Jeanburn wasn’t home. Jeanbrun was apparently working late on Saturday night to watch the law and order situation when the rioters assaulted his home.

The house’s gates were rammed by the rioters using a car. They attempted to destroy the entire house after getting inside and setting the car on fire.

Melanie Nowak, Jeanbrun’s wife, and their two children were home at the time of the assault. According to reports, rioters tried to burn Nowak and her two children, ages 5 and 7, as they fled the blazing home with her. They did this by launching firework rockets at the family. Nowak broke her leg while attempting to shield her kids. Additionally, one of the kids was hurt.

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France Govt condemns the attack:

The attack on the mayor’s family has been strongly denounced by France’s Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. She has referred to the incident as ‘intolerable’ and a murderous attempt. Political elites across the board criticized the attack on the mayor’s family. “A line has been crossed,” declared Mayr Jeanbrun.

It is a heinous murder attempt committed with cowardice. My desire to defend and serve the Republic is stronger than ever, even if taking care of my family is currently my first priority, he continued.

Since Tuesday, 27 June, when Algerian youngster Nahel M was killed by two cops, riots have broken out throughout France. The police asked Nahel to produce documents after stopping her. The police opened fire on him as he tried to accelerate and run away.

The demonstrations began in the western suburb of Nanterre, where Nahel was killed, shortly after his passing. The Hauts-de-Seine and the eastern city of Dijon were among the areas where it quickly spread. According to reports, a group of demonstrators ordered the passengers off the bus and then set the bus on fire. The region of Essonne is where the incident happened.

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