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Gurugram woman locked herself and son in house for 3 years.

A woman in Gurugram allegedly locked herself and her son in their apartment for 3 years because of fear of Covid-19.

We have all experienced how traumatic and deadly the Covid-19 pandemic was. Many people lost their lives and many till date suffer from complications. The 2 years of Covid-19 were indeed not easy. However, it was apparently more difficult for a Gurugram woman who locked herself and her son in their apartment. The reason being fear of Covid-19.

In a dramatic change of events, a lady and her 10-year-old boy were freed from an apartment in Block-A of Maruti Vihar in Sector-28. They had been confined for the previous three years because the woman wouldn’t let her husband enter to meet them. The same because of fear of Covid, according to police.

A team of medical professionals, including psychiatrists, the child welfare committee, and the police worked together to get both of them.

The woman, who is about 36 years old, was admitted to PGI Rohtak on Wednesday, according to representatives of the health department. Many tests will be conducted, according to Dr. Virender Yadav, chief medical officer of Gurugram, to determine her mental state.

Statement from the lady’s husband:

The incident was discovered on February 17. Assistant sub-inspector Praveen Kumar, stationed at the Chakkarpur police post, was approached by Munmun’s spouse Sujan Majhi. Sujan is an engineer employed by a private company.

As limitations loosened following the first lockdown in 2020, the woman was reportedly confined for three years with her son. She would not permit even her husband into the house after he left to go to work. Sujan first stayed with friends and family before moving on to another rental home in the same neighbourhood. This was after failing to convince his wife to join him.

Sujan claimed that the only method to communicate with his wife and son was through video calls. He would buy food and vegetables, pay the house’s monthly rent, pay the electricity bills, deposit his son’s school tuition, and even leave the ration bags outside the front door.

Is this normal behaviour?

Having fear of a deadly disease is not entirely wrong. However, the Gurugram lady took the fear to the next level. She also confined her child from going out and he could not even go to school. The lady will undergo several tests to figure out if something is wrong.

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